Windows Software Newest Release: Version 3.4d

Release date: December 15, 2009 (click here for release notes)

By downloading or installing any of these files, you agree to the MaxQData End User License Agreement.

Please note that an unlock code is required to enable full-speed data acquisition, video capture, and video overlay generation.  Without an unlock code, these features will operate at reduced speed.

To get your unlock code, you must do the following:

a) Install the Full software package (an unlock code is not necessary if you are only using Chart to view data and video).

b) Run MaxQData Settings.

c) Click Settings > Advanced....  At the top you will see "Unlock code:" followed by two numeric fields.  You must supply the number in the first field (typically an 8 or 9 digit number), also known as the challenge code, to MaxQData, either via email to "".  This code is unique for every installation.

d) After verification, you will receive back a second number, also known as the response code.  Enter this in the second unlock code field.

New! PC Software (Windows XP SP2 or later)

The unlock code scheme has changed to better support Windows Vista and Windows 7.  All users who upgrade from a version earlier than 3.3a will need to get a new unlock code.  Please plan ahead and do not upgrade the software if you do not have enough time before your next event to get a new unlock code.

We strongly recommend manually deleting any Start Menu or Desktop shortcuts you may have for "MaxQData Setup" before you install the new software, or follow the uninstall instructions.  Then download the appropriate install file below and run it.

Click here to download:  MaxQData Chart Software for PC version 3.4d (this is only the data analysis and video overlay viewing software)

Click here to download:  Complete MaxQData Software for PC version 3.4d (covers MQGPS-5Hz, MQGPS-HiDef, MQGPS-TraQr, Quantum, and MQ200, includes software for both video capture and video overlay generation)

If you are using a standalone video camera in conjunction with the video overlay capabilities of the MaxQData software, you may need video transcoding software to translate the camera's video files into the required Windows Media Video format.  NCH Software produces a free video transcoder called Prism which the MaxQData software will automatically use if present.  VeQtr users do not need this software.  You may download it here:

MQGPS-TraQr users: Before connecting your MQGPS-TraQr to your USB port, download and install the MQGPS-TraQr drivers here: (please use the drivers appropriate for your GPS receiver, either BT-Q1000U, BT-Q1000P, or BT-Q1000X)

Click here for PC drivers and utility for the MQGPS-HiDef.

New! Pocket PC Software (Windows Mobile 5 or later)

Click here to download: Complete MaxQData Software for Pocket PC version 3.4c (covers MQGPS-5Hz, MQGPS-HiDef, MQGPS-TraQr,  Quantum, and MQ200)

Pocket PC Installation Instructions (for first time installation, start at step 2):

  1. Save a backup copy of your calibration (MaxQData Setup > File > Save Calibration Backup).  The current calibration will be erased during the upgrade and you will need to reload it from a backup.
  2. Download the file above and save it to your PC.  Do not run it on your PC.
  3. Transfer the file to your Pocket PC using either a memory card or ActiveSync (or Windows Mobile Device Center on Vista).
  4. Locate the file using File Explorer on your Pocket PC, then tap it to run it.  The software will be installed.
  5. After installation, you should delete the install file.
  6. Load your calibration backup file.
  7. Quantum WiFi Edition only: Set WiFiKeepAliveTimeout,1 in the quantum_config.txt file on the Quantum. (required)

Smartphone Software (Windows Mobile 5 or later, for devices without touchscreens)

Click here to download: Complete MaxQData Software for Smartphone version 2.9a (covers MQGPS-5Hz, MQGPS-HiDef, and MQ200)

Smartphone (non-touchscreen) installation instructions (for first time installation, start at step 3):

  1. Save a backup copy of your calibration (MaxQData Setup > File > Save Calibration Backup).  The current calibration will be erased during the upgrade and you will need to reload it from a backup.
  2. Write down your unlock code, if any (found in MaxQData Setup > Settings > Advanced).  Write down both the challenge code and the response code.
  3. Open this web page on your phone.
  4. Download the .CAB file directly to your phone from the link above.
  5. Open the CAB file to install the software.
  6. Check to make sure that the challenge code and response code are still the same.  The challenge code will change if you did a manual uninstall first, in which case you will need to contact MaxQData for a new unlock code.
  7. Finally, load your calibration backup file if you created one.
  8. If you need help pairing your Smartphone to your MQ system via Bluetooth, please click here.

Sample Data Files

Click here to download a ZIP file containing sample flight recordings.  There are two autocross and two road race examples.

Manual uninstallation

If you are having trouble uninstalling the software, read the manual uninstallation instructions.

Legacy Software

Click here to download the version 2.8cR4 software for Pocket PCs using Windows Mobile 2003 Second Edition or earlier.  This software is unsupported.