Introducing the new MaxQData VeQtr system
High Performance GPS Data Acquisition with Multi-Camera Video Capture and Overlay Generation

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The new VeQtr (pronounced "vector") builds on our groundbreaking GPS-based data acquisition systems, combining high performance GPS data acquisition with new video capture and processing solutions.  VeQtr is a breakthrough in capability, price, and ease of use.

The VeQtr system works with the Quantum for video capture and data overlay generation.  It also supports third party video cameras for overlay generation only (see below).  Capabilities include:

  • Video recording at up to 800x600¹
  • GPS data acquisition of key performance measurements such as Lateral G, MPH, track maps, lap and segment times, and more
  • View video simultaneously with data in our improved data analysis software; even view two videos side-by-side for comparison
  • Produce video with data overlays of the whole run or just the interesting parts
  • Upload directly to YouTube; export to Google Earth
  • Battery powered and easy to use

Systems starting at $1299
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Capture widescreeen video and incoporate data directly into the video frame! Play back video synchronized with data for detailed analysis!

Our VeQtr system combines the Quantum with a small netbook computer that captures the video and data and allows immediate viewing of the results.  Two high-quality webcams can be mounted anywhere on the vehicle to provide many exciting video angles.²  Supports up to four cameras.³  Operation is fully automatic - both data and video are triggered by vehicle speed, and both include a preroll buffer to capture data and video before the trigger point.  You never again have to remember to turn on your camera!  Recording time is limited only by free disk space, typically 900 MB/hour at 640x480 but user configurable over a wide range, making it possible to record continuously for days.   After recording, view the video and data immediately on the notebook computer - no need to download to a separate laptop!  Data overlays can be produced in real-time, with no need to synchronize the data to the video and no need for post processing.  Or generate data overlays directly from the data analysis software for greater flexibility.

What if you already own a video camera? You can choose a software-only upgrade that will allow you to combine your data with your video and generate data overlays via post processing. View your video synchronized to your data in our Chart analysis software. Generate video clips all or only a portion of the video. Even upload directly to YouTube!


Q. Does the netbook computer stay in the car?

A. Yes, it goes along for the ride, because it runs the cameras and provides the memory and processing power for capturing the video and data.  Solid-state memory makes it rugged and vibration-tolerant.  Familiar Windows XP user interface makes it easy to use.

Q. How do I mount the netbook?

A. In a car with a full interior, because the netbook is small and thin, you can simply drop it into a map pocket or wedge it between the seat leg bolster and the center console.  In a prepared racecar, you can Velcro it to the floorpan, or rivet in a small baking tray to hold it and secure it with a strap over the top.  Please note that the system normally runs with the cover closed, and operation is automatic once it is started, so there's no particular need for it to be mounted near the driver.  For other vehicle mounting solutions, check out .

Q. How do I mount the cameras?

A. Expensive and heavy camera mounts are unnecessary.  We provide a small suction cup mount which is normally used to mount the forward-facing primary camera to the inside of the front windshield.  A finger pump on the side creates a vacuum.  The secondary camera (usually pointing at the driver) can be taped to the dashboard or secured to a rollbar with a cable tie.  It can also be mounted to suction cup mount along with the primary camera.

Q.  The sample videos you show on this page look very good.  Are those actually captured using a VeQtr system or have they been processed somehow?

A.  All videos on this page were captured using the standard VeQtr system.  The only processing performed was to compress them further for web download, so actually the originals look better than what you see here.

Q. How do I pronounce "VeQtr"?

A. Simply say "vector".

1 Resolution is user-selectable over a wide range of frame and picture-in-picture sizes.  Default setting is 640x320 widescreen @ 30 FPS which gives good quality results on the minimum recommended system (Intel Atom N270 1.6 GHz, Windows XP).  800x600 @ 30 FPS is possible on dual-core processors.  FPS is a function of processor speed, operating system, and compression algorithm, and may change during video capture depending on CPU load, compression algorithm, ambient lighting, hard drive speed, and other factors.  60 FPS and higher frame rates are possible with compatible cameras.  Studio quality recording can be achieved using uncompressed video at the expense of hard drive space.
2 Interior mounting recommended. External mounting only in dry conditions. Cameras and laptop are not intrinsically waterproof, but may be placed inside protective housings (not included).  Do not mount near intense heat sources.  Contact MaxQData to discuss special applications.
Number of cameras limited by available USB ports and CPU speed.

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