See the Documentation section for detailed information on the MaxQData software.

See the Downloads section for the latest release of the MaxQData software.

The MaxQData software is available for both Pocket PCs as well as PC laptops.


Flight lets you record data while watching key vehicle parameters in real time.  Fasten your Pocket PC to your dashboard and you have a configurable graphic instrumentation display. Operate Flight via your Pocket PC touch screen, even with driving gloves.  Or set it to work automatically.

Flight also captures real-time video from up to four cameras.  See details on our VeQtr systems here.

  • Watch 2 parameters per screen
  • 2 moving bar graph screens
  • 2 strip chart screens (as shown above)
  • 2 "X vs. Y" plot screens
  • 2 numeric summary screens
  • See recent minimum and maximum values to capture acceleration peaks, boost spikes, overrevs, and so forth
  • Manual trigger mode
  • Automatic trigger mode based on vehicle speed
  • Record as much data as free memory allows, even days' worth of continuous running2
  • Data files import directly into many spreadsheet and mathematical software packages
  • Generate 1/4 mile timeslips automatically at the end of each run.
  • Display lap and segment times while racing
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1GPS base update rate is limited by GPS hardware.  See the documentation section for a discussion of sampling rates.
Memory consumption depends on number of channels, sample rate, and the use of compressed or uncompressed file storage.  See the documentation section for a discussion of memory usage and recommendations on using high capacity storage devices.

Pocket PC Chart

Once you've made a flight recording with Flight, use Chart to study the data in detail.  Chart lets you check the data and do basic analysis right on your Pocket PC.

New!  Video playback with synchronized data and overlay generation!  See details on the new VeQtr system here.

  • View six parameter traces at once, or overlay two files showing three parameters each.
  • View full or zoomed track map based on GPS, and overlay track maps from different flight recordings
  • See beacon marks, and add virtual beacons by GPS location or manually
  • Get lap times and segment times, as well as min/max/average
  • Easily copy tables of data into Pocket Excel
  • Plot g-g "friction circle" diagrams
  • Generate 1/4 mile timeslips

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Desktop Chart

Same as the Pocket PC version, only bigger!  Now with video support.


Other Software

  • Setup: Configure sensors, describe vehicle characteristics like mass and gear ratios
Testing - Tuning - Racing