Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone pairing has a different user interface than on the Pocket PC.  Here are the steps to follow (from a Samsung ACE; your device may be different):

  1. Click Start > Settings > Connections > Bluetooth
  2. Add new device
  3. The phone will search for your MQ module.  When it shows on the screen, highlight it and click Next.  (Please note that it may show as iBT-GPS, G-Rays I, or AIRcable, depending on your system.)
  4. Enter 0000 for the passcode when requested.
  5. Click OK after the pairing has finished.
  6. You may change the display name if you like, otherwise click Next.
  7. Check the ActiveSync service.  Click Done.
  8. Now you are back at the Bluetooth Devices screen.  Click Menu > COM Ports, then Menu > New Outgoing Port.
  9. Select the MQ module and press the action button.
  10. Uncheck Secure Connection.  Choose a COM port and click Done.  If that COM port is not available, choose a different one.  Be sure to remember which one you chose.
  11. Click Done to return to the Bluetooth Devices screen.
  12. Run MaxQData Setup.  Click Settings > Serial Port Settings.  Scroll down to find "GPS Port".  Enter the COM port name you chose from step 10.  OK and then File > Exit.  (MQ200 users will need to enter the COM port name under "MQ Port").