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VeQtr Video + Data Systems


Systems include:

  • Quantum Dot WiFi 10 Hz or Quantum WiFi V2 20 Hz
  • Netbook computer (see below for choices)
  • Logitech WebCam Pro 9000 primary camera (uses one of three available USB ports)
  • Microsoft VX-5000 secondary camera (uses one of three available USB ports)
  • One suction cup mount (used for primary camera)
  • Software installation and configuration

Solid-State Disk Options:

The netbooks shown below each come with a hard drive.  These are generally acceptable for street vehicles used in autocross, drag race, and occasional HPDE use.  If the netbook is likely to be subject to harsh shock and vibration, especially when used in cars with highly modified suspensions or in endurance, rally, or marine applications, we strongly suggest upgrading the HDD to an SSD (solid-state disk).  This can be done by knowledgeable users, or you can choose an SSD option as shown below.  Our 32 GB SSD option has plenty of room for 6 to 12 hours of video depending on settings.  Please note that swapping the HDD for an SSD may void the netbook manufacturer's warranty; however, when purchasing an SSD option you will also receive the original HDD in order to return the netbook back to factory spec should that become necessary.

Available netbook choices for your VeQtr system:


Sorry, all our VeQtr systems are out of stock.





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