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Lap Time Display

Shows your lap count and most recent lap time in large, easy-to-read numbers.  Also displays momentary best lap time.

Primary Bar Graph Display

Choose any two values to use as bar graphs.

In this example, Injector pulse width is shown on a scale of 0 to 99.99 milliseconds, with 0 ms being the left edge of the screen and 99.99 ms being the right edge of the screen.  Also, OBD2 Spark advance is shown on a range of -64.0 degrees to +64 degrees, where 0 degrees is the middle of the screen.

There are two of each display type, a primary and a secondary.  They are displayed with different colors.  You can switch between displays using the buttons on your Pocket PC or your laptop keyboard.

Strip Chart Display

Choose any two values to view as a scrolling strip chart.

Here, MAP is plotted from -14.7 psi (at the bottom of the screen) to 22.3 psi (at the top).  MPH is plotted on a scale of 0 to 150 MPH.

X vs. Y Display

Choose any two values to plot against one another.

In this screenshot, RPM is the "X" value and MAP is the "Y" value.  The plot shows the boost vs. RPM curve.

Numeric Summary Display

This display summarizes the values of the other displays so you can see more information at a glance.  You configure this display by choosing the parameters you wish to view in the other three displays.

1/4 mile timeslip generated by Flight compared to the actual timeslip from the track timing system.

The "g" value drawn on the graph clearly shows the launch and the 1-2 and 2-3 shifts.

Speed at 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile reported by the MaxQData software is slightly higher than the track timing system.  This is because the speed is reported as the speed just when the car crosses the 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile marks.  The track timing system calculates an average speed over the 66 feet before the 1/8 mile and 1/4 mile marks.

These numbers are accurate and repeatable.  Because they are GPS-based, they are not subject to errors from slope in the road,  pitching of the chassis, or failure to level-mount the system.

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